At Gran Sport Cycles restoration is more than just a new paint job. For us, a restoration is a complete and comprehensive assessment of your scooter or motorcycle and creating a plan for returning it to, or improving upon, its original condition. Our restorations create a scooter or motorcycle that is mechanically sound and reliable with all the customization’s you can dream up. For a scooter or motorcycle that will run for years with proper care and maintenance.

A restoration is a complete rebuild or your bike. We leave no nut or bolt untouched, no painted surface unpolished, no wiring untested, and no part goes without inspection. We have two levels of restorations to fit your needs Show & Shine Level and Rider Ready Level.


  • Complete dis-assembly
  • Cleaning and inspection of all parts and frame
  • Cleaning & sealing the inside of gas tank
  • Engine overhaul/transmission overhaul
  • Carburetor cleaning or rebuild and new fuel lines
  • Electrical system upgrades or new wiring harness
  • Brake and master cylinder rebuilding
  • Replacement of all cables, hoses, lines and tires
  • Replacement or refurbishment of all hardware
  • Replacement of parts, depending on assessment
  • Professional bodywork and painting
  • New seat foam & cover
  • Sourcing rare or unusual parts
  • Phases of a Restoration (Show & Shine Level)
  • Dis-assembly, cleaning and full-comprehensive assessment
  • Body Work & Frame paint
  • Engine Rebuild
  • Carburetor Rebuild
  • Wheels
  • Re-assembly
  • Wiring & Hoses
  • Final Assembly
  • Test Ride & Fine Tuning


A Rider Ready Restoration is for bikes who are not in need of a complete restoration, but instead focuses on the functional, mechanical aspects of your motorcycle or scooter. This type of service could include depending on your assessment (remember this is a complete overhaul and includes replacement of mechanical parts):

  • Carburetor Rebuild
  • Engine Rebuild
  • Transmission Rebuild
  • Electrical System Overhaul
  • Brake or Suspension Rebuild
  • Pricing for Restoration Work

Cost and completion time are proportionate with the starting condition of your motorcycle or scooter, the extent of the restoration, type/model of your bike & repairs needed. Show & Shine Restorations start at $8,000 US + 1 year for completion (depending on condition) with $3,000 deposit. Rider Ready Restorations start at $5,000 US + 8 months for completion with $2000 deposit.


Contact us by e-mail and we will send you a project description form. Then you will be placed on a waiting list. Once project has been added to the waiting list, we will contact you when your project is ready to proceed and to schedule your drop-off. For a full assessment, we will need your form and a $150.00 non-refundable in-depth estimate fee at scheduled drop-off time. Shop visit is for one hour and includes unloading your bike from your vehicle.


It takes 6 weeks to prepare your estimate. This estimate is a guide on your restoration project, however we reserve 20-40% cushion in all our estimates. The estimate includes all mechanical work, parts & labor plus cosmetic, parts & labor – this can vary widely according to your personal tastes. We can do everything from mild to wild. Once you get your estimate any changes can be handled at this time. Once your estimate has agreed upon and signed, we can start your project.


You have a choice of either monthly or quarterly payment schedule.


We will be in contact with you about your project on a continual basis. Many times you can follow progress on our blog and see for yourself.


You will be notified when the project is in its final stage of test riding & fine tuning.  This stage can very and is weather dependent, allow at least two weeks. Road testing requires safe road and weather conditions so there is no testing during rain, snow, ice or if there is salt on the road.  After road testing, your bike is giving a thorough cleaning and final inspection before it is released.

Completion / Final Payment When your scooter or motorcycle is ready, it will be time to schedule a pick up appointment and prepare the final payment.  Final payment is due at pick up time.  Now it’s time for your first test ride. Go ahead and give it a try. We’ll be here to answer any questions.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.